New Release: Immersive Relaxation App

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The Relax with Nature App Enables Users to Create their Own Listening and Relaxation Experiences

We partnered with NatureScapes Music, the world’s experts in recording nature sounds, to create a new immersive relaxation and meditation app for iOS.

The Relax with Nature Multi-Track Mixer provides users the most soothing and peaceful nature sounds from Naturescapes Music’s nature recordings library.  An easy-to-use, multi-track mixing board allows users to create their own listening experiences.

The app is ideal for relaxation, assisting with stress relief, meditation and sleep, helping babies and children sleep, and increasing focus for work and study.  Recordings of White Noise and Pink Noise are optimized to mask outside noises.

Users can:

 The Relax with Nature Multi-Track Mixer is available for purchase in the App Store for $2.99 here:


About our Partner: NatureScapes Music

For over 20 years, NatureScapes Music has delivered high quality, relaxing nature recordings, songbirds and inspiring music to millions of people all over the world.

Company Founder, John of Light, created Naturescapes after a life-changing journey to Costa Rica in 1995. With his expertise as a recording studio engineer, he began recording the birds of the rainforest, jungles, lakes, oceans, waterfalls and even erupting volcanos. Being a talented musician and composer, he then created instrumental songs inspired by nature which became Naturescapes Music. Today, it has evolved into Naturescapes and Zenergy Music encompassing over 100 albums of nature, jazz, classical, native American, Celtic, relaxation & wellness, world, chill out and popular music. Learn more at