In the News: My Spilt Milk Reviews Stretch App by Spectrum

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My Spilt Milk published a great review of Stretch Music, the white-labeled app that Spectrum Interactive created for artist Christian Scott.

“At a time when Spotify, Tidal, Pandora and Apple Music are competing to see who can algorithmically individualize our streaming media the most, the natural next step is for us to control not just which songs we hear but music itself. Two apps released in the last year allow exactly that.

Christian Scott offered listeners control of the listening experience with the app release of his Stretch Music album. The player for the album—developed by the local company Spectrum Interactive — pulls up a page for each song that shows listeners each instrument on a track, allows them to see the sheet music for each part, to mute or isolate parts, and to use faders to rebalance the mix for each song. “

Obviously, this is a great way for musicians to hear the album. Those who play instruments in the songs can call up the music, mute the instrument they play, and join the band. For those who have no musical aspirations, the player allows listeners to control what they hear and how they hear it. They can isolate Scott’s trumpet, or listen to his relationship to the drums or focus on the interplay between the horns. “West of the West” is defined by Matthew Stevens’ guitar riff, but it’s startling to hear the track with the guitar muted and realize how little is lost.

Read the full piece on Stretch Music and Spectrum Interactive here.